What would have happened if men would never have discovered the fire or invented the wheel? How would we live right now if our ancestors would never have explored beyond what they knew? We are sure you would not be reading this blog right now. Evolution has allowed us to reach where we are today. It is just natural. Every human being seeks to grow and evolve in every aspect of his life. It is the essence of everything.


It is our time!

First of all, we are going to tell you a little of where we come from, so that you could understand where we want to go. We wish you to be part of this trip, and we want you to live this experience with us.

When we started, our main goal was helping other companies. That is why we built the consulting Coontigo. However, we realized that we could do a lot of bigger things . It was our time to grow and evolve. It was this moment, when we decided to build the Freehouse, a really peculiar house where everybody could develop all the projects that went through their minds.

Thanks to one of our customers, we discover the huge ignorance that exist inside the companies. Our mission was completely to eradicate it!

BLUNDER was born, managing the [un]knowledge.



When we realized this big problem, we started to create a learning app based on test and error. This time we were able to streamline training, predict and improve results. Furthermore, we could analyze data from the companies and anticipate problems that may arise.

The knowledge management ́s world, so important nowadays. But… What is this? We connect wisdom between people, so that everybody inside companies could learn and evolve. We join brains and expand their knowledge!

All of this, made us work with multinationals, expanding us really fast. Nevertheless, we can not keep calm. It is not in our nature. As we have you explained before, we are always looking for continuous improvement. There is always something we can contribute to others. So the moment of our evolution arrived.




It is time to explore and get out of the known, so that we could offer you thing you would have never imagined. Something we wanted to change was the fact that we were only focused on multinationals. Hereinafter, we want to open ourselves to education, NGOs and small companies. Therefore, in Zapiens we are going to offer a free version.

Evolution is always linked to improvement. What are ours? We want you to discover it little by little, but we can move forward that we will use artificial intelligence. That is why we have to welcome our new friend Zap. It will be your virtual assistant. It will always be there when you need it!

We are already thinking about what will be next and how we can surprise you. Always remember that evolution is the basis of learning.


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